State Police Intervene in Madison

After a large disturbance of the ‘Medically Impaired’ in the city of Madison, state police units have been scrambled to resolve the situation. From my vantage point in a helicopter over the city, the situation is widespread, however there is also a strong presence of state and city police working on the issue. In an Interview with the state governor he stated

” The extraordinary response of the Republican ¬†administration of Mayor Bernandes of Madison shows how effective leadership can help cities overcome dire situations that other administrations may succumb to”

Representatives from Wright City have also spoken to Badger news stating that the situation in Madison is “a higher priority right now” and that their city emergency services would respond to the situation for the time being, leaving state forces to assist in Madison. I wonder how citizens of Green Bay feel about this?

Ouisconsin’s Head of State Police – Ready for action.