Update of the state of Susquehannock


  • Fires under control
  • Important buildings cleared
  • Helping the evacuation of Scranton
  • Big reward for survivalists, collect at the Town Hall


  • City center is safe and secure
  • Civilians are given weapons to defend thenselves and their homes
  • Wounded mayor emerges from hospital to speak to the crowds “Stand together”


  • The only safe place in the city is the Mercy hospital
  • Mercy hospital opens it doors for any evacuees, all are welcome, including evacuated Air Force personnel


  • No hospitals left
  • Being evacuated to Allentown, national guards are clearing the way. Civilians are to convene at city hall for evacuation.
  • Lots of zombies outside the Badger office


  • Mayor has been evacuated because of assissination attempt.
  • Deputy mayor was reported dead, but was actually wounded.
  • Only half the police force is left
  • National guard is retreating behind the river, planning on blowing the bridge to prevent the zombies from following