Greetings from the Susquehannock press team - Susquehannock Reporter A

The news on this channel was brought to you by the Sushannock team:

The press team, from left to right: Sietse (reporter D), Marleen (reporter A), Adrià (reporter C), Alexandra (reporter E)

Results elections - Susquehannock Reporter C

National Results

Governor results:

Elected Fugitive+ Fighting, Kevin Letanche, Hero of Mercy Hospital!

2nd place: Chris de Bruijn

3rd place: Martijn van Beek and Andreas Huttig

State police results: Robert Bor


Mayor of Yarbrough: Chris de Bruijn

Chief police results of Yarbrough: Bram Hesselink

Chief of Emergency services of Yarbrough: Luke Doodeman (reelected)


Mayor of Allentown:Rob Koppendraier

Deputy Mayor of Allentown: Judith ‘t Horst

Chief police results of Allentown: Maarten Smit

Chief of Emergency services of Allentown: Harmen Leusink


Mayor of Erie: Jelmer Lok

Chief police results of Erie: Jeroen van Dijk

Chief of Emergency services of Erie: Jacob Boersma


Mayor of Pittsburgh:Johan Jans

Chief police results of Pittsburgh:Johan Jans

Chief of Emergency services of Pittsburgh: Friso Holtkamp


Mayor of Scranton: Oliver Brettschneider

Chief police results of Scranton: Frank Oderkerk

Chief of Emergency services of Scranton: Reinier Rutten

AAAAAAAnd GAME! - Badger News

Thank you so much for an amazing day!

Feel free to use the menu at the top to see the reports for each site – the All tab shows all the news published throughout the day, but please be aware that we’ve had over 600 stories posted so it may take a while to look through!

Massive thank you to the Press team for putting out so much amazing content, and the players for providing so much to report on!

Mega thanks to the Control Team, who I’m sure you’ll all agree did a stunning job to keep the game running smoothly and making sure we all had fun.

And THANK YOU to Jim Wallman for conceiving this crazy idea in the first place.

Presidential Candidates Chosen - Badger News

The Republican Presidential Candidate is Governor Osa of Mishigamaa, running with Hollman as VP.

The Democratic Presidential Candidate is Governor Crow of Kanawha.

We wish them both the best of luck in the election.

Northland offers unity with US - Susquehannock Reporter A

Northland offers to annex the United States to bring true unity in this time of crisis. “While America is in chaos, the North stands united. We could join together to make the Great White North.”
Northland stresses that this is an offer, not a takeover.

Verbeek: “We should arrest the president on sight” - Susquehannock Reporter C

The canditate for presidencity, the governor Verbeek, has stated that the President must be detained. In light of the Ouississagua’s controversy, he reacted that arresting her should be priority. He has not contacted any other Governor states to discuss this matter.

Exclusive: Nutrivend statement on the cure - Mishigamaa Editor

Exclusive announcement from the CEO of Nutrivend.

“We are investigating two possible cures for the infection. Our first has proven ineffective – we tested it in a limited area in Romero City, but unfortunately effects were negative. We tested with full support of the Mayor.

“We are now working with the White House to release a healing agent which should reverse the effects of the infection. We are waiting for White House permission to test.”

Cure distribution initiated - Powhatan Reporter A

Wagon and Lexcorp have merged and Governor Jon has gotten them to start distributing the cure to civilians. Hopefully all goes well from here.

Presidential candidate Verbeek announces his program - Susquehannock Reporter A

Presidential candidate Verbeek, currently governor of Susquehannock, has announced his goals as president:

  • Uniting and rebuilding the country after this crisis
  • Reconstruction of infrastructure and healthcare
  • Immediate help for refugees
  • Strengthen the National Guard because they were proven not to be effective enough

He stresses he wants to work with all people from both parties to achieve this, in addition he wants an investigation into what exactly happened and the effectiveness of the White House during this crisis.

BREAKING NEWS: White House and Secretary of Defense Illegally Ordered Arrest of Mishigamaa Governor - National Reporter B

As previously reported, national media has learned of allegations that the DHS and the Pentagon told the Mishigamaa National Guard to arrest the Governor of Mishigamaa.

Since then, we have learned of far more disturbing developments.

In particular, the White House and the Secretary of Defense gave written orders for the Pentagon to coordinate with the Mishigamaa National Guard to illegally act in Mishigamaa.

According to our sources, it was the Pentagon (and not the Mishigamaa National Guard) that determined that such actions were illegal.

Given that there is written proof that the President gave authority for the Pentagon to act in Mishigamaa, it is now only a question of when (rather than if) the President and her Secretary of Defense are arrested and charge with high crimes and misdemeanours.

Breaking news: politicians evacuated from Yarbrough - Susquehannock Reporter C

The highest politicians located in Yarbrough have been evacuated from the city after the constant rise zombie threat. A vigilante group called the “Truth Crusaders” have been raiding the city hospital. As the mayor of Scranton was nearly killed by the vigilantes, it was decided to evacuate the officials.

Kittens saved - Susquehannock Reporter A

Last sunday morning the fire department of Allentown valiantly fought its way through a zombie horde to save some kittens that had fled into a tree, proving that they wish to save everyone, not just humans.

One of the kittens getting some much needed milk.

After this heroic rescue, the mayor of Allentown adopted the kittens.

Scientists from Yarbrough helping Eire - Susquehannock Reporter C

Research scientists from Yarbrough are providing additional manpower to the State’s capital.

Editor in Chief Runs for President! - Kanawha Editor

I, the Editor in Chief of the Kanawha Newspaper am running for President of the United States of America! I have been dutifully representing the voice of the people during this pressing weekend, and I have been the only voice of reason amidst all of this chaos. I hope you will consider giving me your support.

Zombie cure? - National Editor

Nutrivend claims to have discovered a cure and will be testing it shortly in the city of Marquette; results to be announced shortly.

DHS and Pentagon Illegally Ordered Arrest of Mishigamaa Governor - National Reporter B

The national media has learned that the DHS and the Pentagon previously told the National Guard of Mishigamaa to arrest the Governor of Misghigamaa. DHS and the Pentagon attempted to convince the National Guard that the Governor was unstable and not fit to govern.

The National Guard subsequently determined that such orders were both illegal and immoral. They consequently refused to comply with such order.

It is unclear at this time whether the order was due to the fact that the Mishigamaa Governor is currently running for president and does not appear to be favored by the White House.

This leads to the question of whether the White House has taken advantage of the crisis to further its own political agenda over the well being of American citizens.

Ordered evacuation in Scranton - Susquehannock Reporter E

Scranton, which has been holding up valiantly under Mayor Andreas Hüttig is now clearing a corridor to Allentown with the help of the national guard. From here civilians will be evacuated to the national guard base in Harrisburg.


Cure being mass produced by NecroTec in Ouisconsin - Susquehannock Reporter D

As we speak, samples of the cure are on its way to NecroTec, Ouisconsin to be mass produced. The states of Adirondack and Wabash are mass creating the delivery systems to be used by the states of Adirondack, Wabash and Susquehannock, who has been delivering the cure.

Helicopters provided by another state, but under the control of the governor of Susquehannock are transporting the delivery system. The delivery system will be filled with the mass-produced cure at the NecroTec factory in Ouisconsin, after which they will fly back to Susquehannock for distribution. Adirondack and Wabash will retrieve their filled delivery systems in a similar way.

Governor Verbeek: “we need stronger leadership” - Susquehannock Reporter A

In an exclusive interview with our reporter Tapia Jr governor Verbeek reaffirmed that he wants to be running for president. “In these dire moments, we need stronger leadership”.

Governor Tim Denmink of Adirondack state has pledged his support of governor Verbeek of Susquehannock. He will be joining the campaign as vice-presidential candidate.

Big Pharma, Big Prices – A cure – but at what cost? - Ahao - Naomi Young

The white-house liaison has confirmed that corporations in other states have been asking for zombie samples, but that they are offering nothing in return. She stated her worries about the price of any cure, that it may be vastly inflated. She also confirmed there was no governmental research going on, that the only research was the pharma corporations, so it seems that people will literally have no choice but to pay whatever the companies are asking for.

Correction to Presidential nominees - National Editor

Governor Hollman is the VP nominee and Governor Osa is the Presidential candidate

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? - National Reporter A

It has emerged that the big four pharmas are hoping to put their heads and resources together to develop a single cure for the ongoing phenomenon.

Bay City has now also appealed to the White House for help to bomb the city in light of the ombie overrun.

However, neither the pharmas nor Bay City have heard any responses from the White House.

Perhaps everyone at the White House have now taken to relaxing at the golf course whilst planning for the 4th July celebrations?

In Its Hour of Panic White House Hides from Press and Public - National Reporter B

In the midst of an ongoing crisis where transparent leadership from the White House is more important than ever, the President and her support staff have become increasingly paranoid about the role of the press. On numerous occasions when asked for comment on various aspects of the situation, the President has stated either, “No comment” or “We are dealing with it” with no further explanation.

The unwillingness of this administration to inform the public what is being done to stem the tide of bloodshed and chaos is a cause for grave concern.  This great country has always depended in significant part on the role of a free press to inform the public and keep tyranny in check. This is the why our Founding Fathers enshrined the rights of a free press in the First Amendment. For as long as the White House continues to refuse to provide substantive comment and input to the press, it is clear that the administration values its political reputation more than the most important values of our nation.


Image result for 1st amendment

Republican contender - National Editor

News just in that the Mayor of Marquette is in the race as the Republican candidate for the Presidential election

Presidential hopefuls - National Editor

It has just been announced that Governor Hollman has added Governor Osa as Vice President on his ticket for the Presidential race

Necrotech offices overrun, Badger reporter Tapia dead - Susquehannock Reporter A

We are sad to announce that our reporter Tapia has died in the line of duty. He was reporting about the offices of Necrotech in Yarbrough because they seemed to be deserted when we lost contact with him.

Later we got a report that the Necrotech offices had been overrun by zombies. It has now been confirmed that our reporter was one of the casualties.

Breaking news: Lexcorp says “NO”, new company for mass production needed! - Susquehannock Reporter D

LexCorp has just stopped with the production of the cure for unknown reasons.

The chief of Emergency services of Yarbrough is looking for one or more large pharmaceutical companies to mass produce the cure.
The scientists of Yarbrough can only produce the cure in small quantities, but they already do have the means of delivering the cure.

Update: NecroTec is able and willing to mass produce the cure!

Updates of the state of Susquehannock - Susquehannock Reporter E


  • Necrotech HQ is overrun
  • Yarbrough hospital overrun
  • Yarbrough is blowing up bridges
  • Yarbrough is ungovernable due to a shorage of police. There is now exactly one SWAT member
  • Yarbrough is in a state of mass panick







  • clearing a passage to Allentown for evacuation



  • new Capital
  • confiscated Lexcorp property

Yarborough Emergency department found a cure! - Susquehannock Reporter A

The deputy chief of the Yarborough emergency department announced that they have found a cure. They captured zombies, isolated the virus from them and developed a antidote. It has been tested now, and it is proven to be able to turn zombies back into humans.

The proud deputy chief of the Yarbrough emergency services with his cure.

The Scranton mayor Hüttig announced they have found a way to mass-produce this cure. Yarbrough works with the military and the scientists in the city to deliver this to the production facility.

Erie new state capital of Susquehannock - Susquehannock Reporter E

After the fall of Allentown the Governor declears Erie the new state capital of Susquehannock. “Erie, the only town that has not needed state intervention is happy with this honor” says Mayor Martijn van Beek

Badger news office in Romero overrun - National Editor

News just in that our offices in Romero have been overrun by the ‘Alternatively Animated’, and we hope again that our brave colleagues have been safely by the security forces.

Weygand and LexCorp to merge - Mishigamaa Editor

Weygand and LexCorp to merge, says Bay City official, after talks managed by the Mishigamaa State Governor.

More to follow…

Homeland Security: We Have a Cure – Distribution by either Aerosol or Dart - National Reporter B

Homeland Security has informed national media that they have developed a cure and have developed two delivery methods: aerosol and darts. They are currently in the process of determining which method to use. While the national media welcomes this news, it is intriguing that numerous state and local governments appear to have developed a cure before the federal government. Perhaps the federal government’s prior preoccupation with nuclear weaponry, which has been confirmed through confidential sources despite protestations to the contrary from the White House, was the cause of the federal government’s lackadaisical behavior.

Badger News Site Hits New Record - Badger News

Whether it’s election fever or the zombie virus, this weekend has seen the most activity since the site was originally launched – over 500 articles published since Friday evening!

The most prolific news team seems to be the Ahao office, with over 80 stories published in the past few days alone. Special commendation to the Mishigamaa Editor, who has been nominated for a Badger of Honour after publishing 41 articles from his desk alone.

Breaking news: Cure ready for delivery - Susquehannock Reporter D

The governors of Susquehannock and Adirondack and the mayors of Wabash have managed to bring the cure of Lexcorp together with the delivery system of the National Guard. As soon as these parties have physically met, the delivery of the cure will start.

Badger news office in Marquette overrun - National Editor

News just in that our offices in Marquette have been overrun by the ‘Alternatively Animated’.

Our thought and prayers go out to our brave colleagues and hope that the security forces are able to protect them from harm.


Susquehannock military liaison has been arrested for high treason - Susquehannock Reporter A

The department of Homeland Security has arrested the military liaison of the governor of Susquehannock. Military liaison Rombouts is accused of high treason because he asked the Pentagon liaison to “join his revolution”. Reportedly he also didn’t follow orders before this.

Before his arrest, reporter Tapia of Badger News managed to meet with liaison Rombouts. Asked for a reaction, he declared that he was not talking to the federals anymore because he felt he was being ignored, manipulated and mistreated by the government, so he wanted to do things on his own.

Update: Military liaison Rombouts has escaped from custody! This may have been an inside job.

White House: 4th of July Party Still Planned Despite Mass Casualties and Panic - National Reporter B

Despite massive casualties across the country, numerous states of emergency declared, bombing of American cities by US federal forces, and unprecedented panic, the White House continues to plan to go forward with its 4th of July picnic. It is unclear if the White House will learn that the lives of its citizens takes precedence over hot dogs and burgers.

Mass panic across Mishigamaa - Mishigamaa Editor

Following the mayoral confrontation with the state governor, there are reports of mass panic and riots across the entire state, with some reports claiming that the National Guard are beginning to desert their units to return home to protect their families.

The governor stonewalled the mayors’ demands and has refused to step down or declare a State of Emergency.

City Updates:
– Romero: Still defended, but situation is deteriorating. May re-instate emergency declaration. Rebuilding field hospitals and fortified base of operations with LexCorp. Mayor now declared “Interim State Governor”, and will attempt to run defence of state from there.
– Spearing: Police Chief captured by Free Militia. Militia demands federal response to save city and admit responsibility, or will execuse him. Deputy Mayor Hunt is running for Mayor, and declares Spearing one of the last safe bastions against the outbreak.
– Grand Rapids: Mass panic, Nutrivend CEO staying in secure facility to work on cure. Chief of Police has been infected. Mayor intends to force governor to declare State of Emergency.
– Bay City: Quarantined and overrun. Federal drones bombing infrastructure to strong infestation spreading. City of Police condemns Mayor for failing to coordinate City Evacuation, instead working for political gain. Police Chief declares intent to run for Mayor.
– Marquette: Fully infested by the outbreak. No news on additional funding bid.

Nutrivend Sends Dangerous Research Specimens to Shawnee News Office - National Editor

In an act of incredible ineptitude, Nutrivend has sent dangerous research specimens to the Shawnee News Office, unnecessarily endangering the lives of our colleagues and setting back future research efforts.

Where’s FEMA - Powhatan Editor

The National guard was never meant to be an army yet they have to like one why? FEMA or the federal have been called by the state of powhatan though they have not come. There has to be some blockage on the federal level for why this is happening. Most likely someone maybe in the pentagon or the white house has partnered with the corporations so they can get something out of it

Bombs fall in London - Northland Editor

London Ontario has taken drastic measures against the undead menace.  An airstrike demolishes areas next to Lake Erie, taking out zombies and abandoned homes alike.

“This is our second airstrike,” the mayor said smugly.  “Our FIRE trucks have also proven quite effective.  I’m sure there were no civilians in the area.”  The mayor was wearing a horrific zombie skull as a helmet at the time of the statement, appearing totally unafraid of infection.

The mayor of London showing off their new weapon.


Failed coup in Yarbrough - Susquehannock Reporter E

The deputy mayor of Yarbrough who was percieved dead after being shot in the chest suvived his injury and is now up and about again. The mayor of Yarbrough was the victim of an assassination attempt, allegedly engineered by the chief of the Yarnbrough police who was desposed of his office following the allegations. The mayor was evacuated to an unknown location, promoting the deputy mayor to acting mayor of Yarnbrough, as well as chief of police until an replacement can be found. While the assassination attempt was commited using a police weapon the former chief of police denies involvment with the crime.

Governor Jon Drops Out - Powhatan Editor

Governor Jon has decided to drop out of the race for president and endorse Mayor Mike who has officially started running for president also has the full support of both the Republican Charlottes Ville and the Democratic Roanoke. Governor Jon is now running to be reelected as Governor, with Mikes support. Mike believes that one of the reasons the Governor is so disliked is that he was dealt a bad hand he did his best and pulled through everything and our city was bettered by his support.

Big four pharmas fighting over a cure - National Reporter A

Whilst Nutrivend had been singled out as the exclusive partner of the White House earlier, it now appears that the big four pharmas – Weygand, Necrotech, Lexcorp and Nutrivend are now going head to head against each other to be the first to identify the cause and cure for the zombification phenomenon.

However, it would seem that Nutrivend is still at the head of the pack, having claimed to have sent their first shipment of NutriSpeed to the Grand Rapids Police which had “give(sic) them an edge in controlling the outbreaks in the city”.

Necrotech is currently appealing for additional resources to fund its ongoing research and development, and the other two pharmas have not replied to our requests for an interview by press time.

One would wonder how Nutrivend had such stores of resources and why it has such strong vested interests in this matter.


Wabash in Disarray – Badger News Team Forced to Flee - National Editor

Due to a complete breakdown in the situation in Wabash, national media has learned that the Wabash branch of Badger News is being forced to flee. Any efforts that can be made by local, state, or federal authorities to assist our colleagues in this harrowing hour would be greatly appreciated.


To our colleagues on the ground in Wabash: Good luck and God bless.

Get to the Chopper! Wabash National Guard Commander on Route to Cure in Susquehannock - Parker Biro Wabash

Beefy national commander has been witnessed jumping into a chopper to get cure to Wabash! He shouted out “God Bless Wabash” before departing… The Bloodhound salutes his guts and hopes they remain within his bowels.

Joint statement from Mishigamaa - Mishigamaa Editor

“We are calling out the Governor to resign immediately, due to her poor decision making and failure to bring in the National Guard to save the people.”

They demand that she either call a State of Emergency instantly, or stand down to make way for someone who will.

They propose the Mayor of Romero City to stand to take the Governorship.

Is this a Democrat plot to take over State government? Or a simple cross-party consensus to deal with a major crisis?

The Governor responded to this with “No comment.”

A meeting is currently underway between the governor and the city mayors. The Bay City mayor is confronting her angrily. More on this story to follow.

Update of the state of Susquehannock - Susquehannock Reporter A


  • Fires under control
  • Important buildings cleared
  • Helping the evacuation of Scranton
  • Big reward for survivalists, collect at the Town Hall


  • City center is safe and secure
  • Civilians are given weapons to defend thenselves and their homes
  • Wounded mayor emerges from hospital to speak to the crowds “Stand together”


  • The only safe place in the city is the Mercy hospital
  • Mercy hospital opens it doors for any evacuees, all are welcome, including evacuated Air Force personnel


  • No hospitals left
  • Being evacuated to Allentown, national guards are clearing the way. Civilians are to convene at city hall for evacuation.
  • Lots of zombies outside the Badger office


  • Mayor has been evacuated because of assissination attempt.
  • Deputy mayor was reported dead, but was actually wounded.
  • Only half the police force is left
  • National guard is retreating behind the river, planning on blowing the bridge to prevent the zombies from following

White House: Nuclear Breach is in Northland, not Mishigamaa - National Reporter B

The White House has stated that the previously reported nuclear breach in Mishigamaa is actually located across the border in Northland. While discussions are apparently underway between the White House and the Northland Prime Minister, the White House is unwilling to share any details with a concerned public.

BREAKING: Mishigamaa City Mayors to overthrow State Governor - Mishigamaa Editor

The Bay City Mayor is reportedly leading a coup organised among the mayors of the major cities in Mishigamaa to overthrow the State Governor, citing complaints over the Governor’s response dealing with this current crisis.

Breaking News: Necrotech May Have Cure in Ouisconsin - National Reporter B

National media has learned of reports that Necrotech may have developed a cure in Ouisconsin. Further reports as the situation develops.

The cure is here! - Susquehannock Reporter D

Luke Doodeman (Emergency Services Chief of Yorborough) and Bram Hesselink (Deputy Emergency Services Chief of Yorborough) are leading research on a cure to the zombie infection, together with the cities of Erie, Allentown, Yarborough and pharmaceutical company LexCorp. State police has been helping with a financial injection and by introducing LexCorp to the research. LexCorp has commited to produce the vaccin at a reduced cost. The researchers are stressing that it is their intent that the cure cannot be used as a weapon, but only as a cure; “This needs to stop!”.
A Cure has now been found, but is still in need of a delivery system. LexCorp is currently working on this delivery system.

Feds bomb Bay City - Mishigamaa Editor

Reports have come in, confirmed by City Hall, that the federal government have started using drones to bomb key infrastructure such as bridges in Bay City, to try and stall the “Alternatively Animated” threat.

A source in City Hall claims the authorities have abandoned the city and refuse to deal with the direct threat to the populace. Our source believes that the Governor is completely wrong to have not issued a State of Emergency.

WARNING: Possible Nuclear breach at Bruce Power Station - Mishigamaa Editor

Reports have come in about a potential leak in the Bruce nuclear power station on the shores of Lake Huron.

The populations of Bay City, West Branch, and Gaylord have been warned, and are recommended to evacuate and move to Romero City if at all possible.

Nutrivend juice the cause behind zombification? - National Reporter A

Sources have informed this paper that Nutrivend juices are the cause behind the recent spate of zombification.

There’s nothing to lose by not drinking it, so please don’t.


White House Rumors of Unapproved Weapons Testing on Civilians - National Reporter B

According to sources in the Federal Government, the White House has learned of reports of unapproved weapons testing on American civilians. We will update with further information if and when the White House cares to take action on these disturbing developments.

Mass Panic in Grand Rapids - Mishigamaa Editor

Reports of Mass Panic in Grand Rapids, with riots and people fleeing the city. This has been confirmed by the City Mayor, who made a statement to the press, urging citizens to stay calm and evacuate to City Hall which is still protected.

Nutrivend still working on a cure in their secure facility, supported by the City Mayor providing funding and manpower. The Mayor says there is no evidence that Nutrivend are responsible for the outbreak.

President re Northland’s Offer of Military Assistance: “No Comment” - National Reporter B

When asked about the offer of military assistance from the Prime Minister of Northland, the President replied, “No comment.” In the face of an unprecedented crisis, it is highly concerning that the President appears to be unwilling to take decisive action as needed.

Evacuation proceeds in Allentown - Susquehannock Reporter E

The evacuation of the people of Allentown to the national guard base in Harrisburg continued after being halted by a massive amount of zombies blocking the way. The way was cleared by joint effords of the Allentown police and the national guard.

White House State Liaison to meet with Terrorists - Mishigamaa Editor

White House State Liason to meet with militia groups to discuss possible locations and instigators of the outbreak – such groups have been accusing the federal government of collaboration.

Rumours are circulating that the militia groups may try to kidnap the Liason officer.

“Let us help” – Northland PM - Northland Editor

Northland troops are gathered on the border to Adirondack, prepared to help with the zombie crisis.  “We are waiting to hear back from the White House before sending in troops” says the Prime Minister.

When asked about the problems within Northland, including a shootout on the tarmac of the Toronto airport with armed, desperate refugees, the PM responded “we have everything under control here.  We’re trying to help people who need it more.”

Governor visits Erie hospital to meet with Mayor - Susquehannock Reporter D

Today, I have been given the opportunity to share a helicopter ride with the governor to visit the hospital of Erie. During this visit, the governor met with the Erie mayor, who is currently a patient in the hospital. The governor was very impressed with the medical staff of the hospital and how they managed with the limited resources that they have available.

It seems fingers are being pointed to companies that might have caused they outbreak. The response of the governor was that research needs to be done first on a justitial level before any names should be made public.

On the way back, the governor and his personnel saved the family of the mayor, who were in an area swarmed with zombies.

Left to die? - Susquehannock Reporter E

Governor Vermeer informed badger news that he officially wants to start a senat wide investigation of the white house for retreating the federal troops from the Susquehannock airport base, leaving it unprotected.

Murder amongst the chaos - Susquehannock Reporter E

The deputy mayor of Yarbrough was shot dead recently. The murder was diguised as a zombie attack but the bullet wounds were still visible, redering the deception unsucessful

Secretary of State: “We are waiting passively for things to happen.” - National Reporter B

National media has learned from well placed sources in the federal government that the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the DHS are currently engaged in infighting rather than taking productive action to counter the ongoing crisis. While the Secretary of DHS has pushed for increased action, the Secretary of State opined that their hands are tied while they wait to hear from forces on the ground. According to our source, the Secretary of State then stated, “We are waiting passively for things to happen.”

In the face of overwhelming casualties, this publication is concerned just how many more “things” need to happen before the Secretary of State takes action.

Zombies spread to Pittsburgh Air Force base! - Susquehannock Reporter A

Zombies have reached the Pittsburgh Air Force today. The base is evacuating now.

The Pentagon said that due to the intransigence of the governor they were unable to defend the base and made a considered decision to evacuate.

Fugitive Pittsburg mayor still fighting - Susquehannock Reporter A

Accused of treason, fugitive Mayor Kevin Letanche of Pittsburg is still fighting to save his city!


The fugitive mayor is still there.

VP and Joint Chiefs Rule Out Nuclear Option - National Reporter B

Despite rumors of tactical nuclear weapons being taken out of storage by the President, the Vice President and the Joint Chiefs have ruled out the use of nuclear weapons on the American population. The Vice President emphatically stated that they were focused on looking for a cure for the current outbreak of infected (that are definitely not “zombies”) and that the White House would not take nuclear action.

Nico Buffing acting Mayor of Pittsburgh - Susquehannock Reporter E

Pittsburgh has a new acting Mayor in Nico Buffing while the still wanted Mayor Kevin Letance is located at Mercy hospital to help with the evacuation. Citizens of Pitsburgh are once again adviced to evacuate to the hospital!

Homeland Security Press Release - National Editor

Official statement from Homeland Security states that they are:

  • continuing to work closely with companies and universities to develop cure
  • work is progressing quickly towards this aim but we urge citizens to remain calm
  • continuing to follow all leads to investigate the source of the outbreak

When questioned about this further, the Press Liaison Officer was not at liberty to say why the Federal line has not changed since the initial outbreak. Surely some more concrete action needs to be taken to help our country, which is being ravaged by an infectious zombie outbreak that seems to be out of control.

But as Homeland Security says… “don’t panic”

FEMA Finds Majority of Corporations Uncooperative in Face of Crisis - National Reporter B

FEMA has informed the national media that they are working closely with Nutrivend on treatment of the infection, but has found most other corporations to be unresponsive and unhelpful.


Notably, the national media has heard reports that Nutrivend of Mishigamaa has  been stealing corpses from hospitals without the permissions of the families of the deceased, which raises questions about the moral standards of FEMA.

Lexcorp and Weygand abandon the people of Erie - Susquehannock Reporter E

Weygand and Lexcorp were asked to help the people of Erie by the Mayor, but refused.

Statement from Sec of Def re Military Aid - National Reporter B

The Secretary of Defense informed national media that the following states and territories have requested and received military aid:

  • Illiniwek
  • Wabash
  • Susquehannock
  • Adirondack
  • Ahao
  • District of Columbia.

With regards to the situation of Boyle City, Wabash, the Secretary stated that Boyle City has been evacuated by the governor. With regards to political developments involving the governor, the federal governmental stands at the ready to help and has full confidence in the (Republican) governor of Wabash.

Romero City – A tale of two political parties - National Reporter A

The citizens of Romero City will be given VR headsets in what seems to be a bid to blind them to zombie attacks and questionable political campaigns.

Along with the announcement of free VR headsets, the Republican state governor, Maria Osa, has announced her candidacy for President.  In an interesting twist of political fate, her candidacy is supported by Pollyana, the Democratic Romerean city mayor.  This would be America’s first cross-party liaison for Presidency.

When questioned if this was the right time for the State to be spending funding on VR headsets, the representatives from Romero City remained adamant that this was the right thing to do, as the VR headsets seek to ‘educate the public’ about calm in the current state of turmoil.

The result of the liaison between Democrats and Republicans remain to be seen, as that between VR headsets and zombie attacks.



State of the state of Susquehannock - Susquehannock Reporter A

State: declared state-wide emergency


  • Mass panic
  • Evacuating to Harrisburg
  • University continues zombie research


  • Moderate panic
  • Police are keeping the main locations, but surrounded by zombies
  • Erie militia hold the line
  • Zombies are spreading to the east
  • Sent medical help to Pittsburgh


  • Mass panic
  • Situation going to shambles
  • Evacuating
  • Almost whole city overrun, including government buildings, police make a last stand at Mercy hospital


  • Mass panic
  • Lots of zombies, including in front of the Badger office


  • Mass panic
  • Fighting the zombies, some success
  • Police HQ has been destroyed
  • Many city fires

BREAKING: Weygand and Government accused of creating outbreak - Mishigamaa Editor

The Free Militia have captured Waygand Corp HQ. On interrogating their records they have found evidence that their lab in Bay City was the originator of the outbreak and that they had been working with the Federal Government.

This links in with previous reports that a LexCorp facility in Bay City could be the source, which was being investigated by local police forces, and observations that the State Government abandoned Bay City to the hordes very early on, rumoured to be a coverup for their corporate dealings.

The Governor denies this, and claims that National Guard deployment were unable to get into the city to assist. As a result, they had to quarantine the city.

More on this story as it develops.

Cure found! - Susquehannock Reporter E

A cure has to the disease seems to have been found in Ouisconsin. The plans are now to spread it through the air in order to reach as many infected as possible. Further news will follow.

Ground Zero closer to discovery - National Editor

An unnamed but impeccable source has told us that Nutrivend caused the virus outbreak.

Apparently they’ve been stealing corpses for study for a while now, and their blundering experiments unleashed the virus.

Our reporters will be following up on this to find out what else the company has been doing, since it moved its headquarters to Missigama.

I’m sure the Mayor of Misquitte isn’t quite so happy to have asked to be quoted as saying that Nutrivend would bring a huge amount of benefit to the local community in the form of job creation when Nutrivend first opened its new headquarters less than a week ago.


Yarborough Police HQ overrun - Susquehannock Reporter D

Zombies have now overrun a school and the police HQ of Yarborough.
Half of the City is burning and another massive panic attack is uprising.

Mishigamaa State Update - Mishigamaa Editor

State Governor says that declaring a state wide emergency was the right decision allowing her to keep control of the resources and co-ordinate Cities. Governor allocating all resources possible to aid Cities. No intention to declare State Wide emergency in future.

Romero City expected to raise state of emergency shortly. Mayor wishes to offer assistance to more of the state, while the State Government praises them as a model of how to react under a crisis.

Bay City however, is to be placed under State Lockdown, evacuated and abandoned. Press announcement from State officials to be expected shortly. A anonymous source from within the police department blames this on the Chief of Police failing to negotiate adequate resources and failing to make use of state supplies, while the State Governor promised assistance from the National Guard which never materialised. My source believes that the city was abandoned by the state right from the state of the issue. Was this a ploy to prevent full investigation of the LexCorp facility?

Marquette is not doing too badly, but has major divisions among its officials. The Police and other Emergency services are no longer cooperating in tackling issues, while the Mayor is reported to be campaigning instead of coordinating the defence efforts. She reportedly abandoned

Grand Rapids is now the last of the five major cities to declare a state of emergency. The Mayor would like to issue a bit shoutout to the efforts of all its emergency services. Angry mobs have formed at the hospital and Nutrivend HQ. Bereaved familes have had the corpses of their loved ones removed from the morque, and suspect Nutrivend of turning them into more Alternatively Animated.

As far as Spearing goes, the State Governor would like to praise the City Officials and Police Force for saving her mansion and family, but they do not deny reports that the majority of civilian protection has been outsourced to militia armed by the state.


Scranton call to arms – We want you! - Susquehannock Reporter D

Scranton police chief and deputy mayor are calling on to the people of Scranton to come to their aid.

Everyone in town is requested to gather at the city hall to either pick up arms and support our great police force, or to be evacuated. The police force have been showing “superhuman” efforts so far and have now implemented the “special bullets” which are more effective against the infected

We repeat: all citizens of Scranton, gather at city hall!

Pitsburgh Mayor under order of arrest - Susquehannock Reporter E

Due to the illegal evacuation of the citicens of Pitsburgh the mayor now officially has an order of arrest. The police of Pitsburgh stands with the mayor on the decision of the evacuation, refusing to arrest him. The citizens of Pitsburgh are asked to evacuate to Mercy hospital and those already evacuated to the military facility are adviced to follow the rules given there.

Nuclear leak! - Northland Editor

Reported leak at Bruce nuclear plant on the shores of Lake Huron.  “We are responding to the situation as quickly as possible, further updates to come,” the PM quickly responded.

On a clear day, the power plant can be seen from the shores of Mishigamaa.

Nefarious Necrotech - Susquehannock Reporter E

The big company Necrotech has been reported to experiment on live zombies as well as civilians in their residence in Allentown. The Allentown police is in on this, reportedly protecting those Necrotech facilities used or this illegal and morally questionable research.

Nutrivend to work exclusively with the Government - National Reporter A

In a press release by the Department of Homeland Security, Nutrivend has been singled out as the exclusive vendor for dealing with the latest spate of ‘infectious diseases’.  All specimens will be sent to Nutrivend for analysis and the pharmaceutical giant will be tasked with developing the cure for the outbreaks.

It is unclear how much money is at stake in this high-profile contract at this point.


Police brutality continues in Yarbourgh - Susquehannock Reporter E

The police is reported to continuously use exessive force against civilians. This was confirmed by the press officer, who gave the ongoing riots and mass panic as an explenation.

The Well Ordered – responsible for global ransomware attack? - Mishigamaa Editor

Our sources have corroborated evidence to identify our former anonymous source claiming credit for the global ransomware attack as a member of “The Well Ordered”, a suspected terrorist group which Nutrivend accuse of trying to source biological weapons.

A kill switch has apparently been found for the ransomware virus, which is no longer spreading through global banking systems. However, The Well Ordered have not come to an agreement with the US Government, and intend to continue their attacks to prove UN involvement in the Blight outbreak.

Pentagon unresponsive to pleas from Wabash national guard and liason – Wabash Governor Incommunicado - National Editor

National media has learned that the Wabash national guard and the local liason from the pentagon have repeatedly emailed the Pentagon asking for assistance. Unfortunately, despite the terrifying and deadly crisis, the Pentagon has not responded to the pleas for help. The horrifying situation is compounded by the Wabash Governor’s failure to communicate with the White House.

Hospital of Erie releases half of its patients - Susquehannock Reporter D

The hospital in Erie managed to patch up more than half of its patients.

Martijn van Beek, the mayor of Erie who was wounded while defending his city, choose not to receive this special attention, as “the civilians of his city should come first”. The Mayor will continue trying to raise funds for hospitals. A large part of the medical personnel of the hospital of Erie is now sent to the hospital of Pittsburgh to offer their help and strengthen their ongoing cooperation.



Oisconsin, Science- Necrotech close to cure - Ouisconsin Reporter C

Necrotech have been tirelessly working towards a cure for the undead and their scientists claim they are “on the verge of a breakthrough. We have almost finished work on early morphology but need more samples.” They have also confirmed that the undead can be revived.

Joe Lunnon

Zombies spread to Minnesota and Iowa - Ouisconsin Editor-In-Chief

Reports of the Zed problem becoming under control in question as confirmation comes in of Zombies spreading to Minnesota and Iowa.

Breaking: Northland Army on its way to Adirondack - Adirondack Editor

An anonymous source in the White House has reported that the Northland Army is on its way to Adirondack to help the state fight off the infestation. They are to join State Police and National Guard in the fight against the Ombies.



Update on Cities- Ahao - Ahao, Susannah


  • Lowest panic in all cities
  • No state of emergency declared
  • Several fires
  • Widespread infection
  • Casualties reported
  • Chief of police wounded


  • State of emergency not declared
  • Not supporting neighbours
  • Live specimen caught
  • Casualties reported


  • State of emergency declared
  • Badger News HQ Abandon
  • Widespread panic
  • Multiple fires
  • “Lost control”
  • “Plenty” of casualties


  • State of emergency not declared- “boys in blue left to fight alone”
  • West of city safe
  • Accepting refugees from neighbours
  • Fires and Looting
  • Hospitals fine


  • State of emergency declared
  • No fires
  • Widespread infection
  • 3 casualties
  • Cure being researched


Governor unsatisefied with whitehouse communications - Susquehannock Reporter E

Governor Verbeek is officially lodging a complaint against the white house due to what he percieves as “slow and unclear communications”. “the president is sacrificing human lives for political gain”, so his press speaker says. To take matters into his own hands he promised to import drinking water from uninfected neighbourstates.

Allentown making progress - Susquehannock Reporter A

Allentown captured a zombie last friday and did some research on it. This has resulted in better bullets for the police, making them more effective in fighting zombies. The help from the state in the form of the national guards also makes a difference, they have retaken part of Allentown by kicking some zombie ass.

Other news from Allentown:

  • Local hero saves 3 baby’s from zombie horde, and thanks the mayor for his fighting inspiration.
  • Mayor rescues badger building in person with police help.
  • It is rumoured the president will come to Allentown to show support.


The Mishigamaa press office has been contacted by an organisation claiming to be responsible for the “WannaBeFree” ransomware attack affecting global financial systems.

“We have hijacked the global financial system. We understand there is a conspiracy behind this ‘zombie virus’ outbreak, and that the UN is behind it. We demand that the United Nations and Federal Government step up and reveal their plans. Until they do, we will refuse to release the global financial systems from our control.”

This comes from an anonymous source who did not wish to be named.

BREAKING: Secret Lab in Bay City origin of outbreak - Mishigamaa Editor

A source wishing to be described only as “a patriot” has informed this paper that they believe the source of the outbreak across the entire nation is a secret lab situated in the Bay City area in Mishigamaa.

This information is gained by the source through interrogating captured infected persons.

If true, then is this, as suspected by some, the result of state experimentation or corporations meddling with nature in the name of profit?

Mass panic in Yarbourgh - Susquehannock Reporter E

Mass panic broke out in Yarbough because of an increase of police brutality due to riots. Roughly a third of the poice force has left their post to tend to their families. The hospital of Yarbourgh is now overrun with the infected. The Mayor of Yarbourgh expressed his discontend with the governor due to a lack of help and communcation in the crisis.


ERRATA- We would like to apologise for referring to the state of Wabash incorrectly as ‘Boyle’, as we were quoting verbatim from the President (who apparently had a ‘covfefe’ moment, bless her)

BREAKING NEWS: The city of Wabash has fallen to the ‘infectious disease’ that has been sweeping America.  The President has expressed that her thoughts are with the city, but does not see the need to declare a state of emergency just yet.

Governors of cities overrun by infection are urged to reach out to the Federal Government to request for aid.  The President made reference to cities who have previously showed resistance to federal aid, and continued that Governors and the Federal Government should be on a two-way street as the Federal Government will not be able to provide aid effectively if information is not volunteered to the Government in the first instance.

The President continued that the Government desperately needs more information to “understand the situation”, but assured this paper that the Federal Government is prepared and adequately supplied to extend aid to cities upon request.

When pressed further, the President refused to comment on the the two captured specimens.  However, from a separate conversation this paper had with FEMA, we understand FEMA is reaching out for help from corporations to aid the Government in its time of need, with regard research on the captured specimens.  The President is, however, still debating if the famed 4th July Picnic on the Gardens should still go on.

The conversation with the President and FEMA underscores the current state of turmoil within the White House, as lack of information and panic permeates through each level of the Administration.

God bless America.








Mayor of Pittsburgh accused of treason - Susquehannock Reporter A

The Pentagon is not happy with the mayor of Pittsburgh sending his population to the nearby Air Force Base. According to their spokesperson, the mayor “commits treason” by doing this, because the base is of vital importance to the entire state of Susquehannock.

State of the state: Mishigamaa - Mishigamaa Editor

Quick round-up update on Mishigamaa cities.

Romero City:
– State of Emergency declared
– Mostly under control
– Joint cooperation between city, state, federal governments, and corporations
– Chief of Police under federal investigation
– Mayor running for President
– Have captured Blighted

Grand Rapids:
– Low infestation rate
– City working closely with Nutrivend
– “Undead” animals discovered and disposed of
– Recent resurgence of Blighted humans

– Reports of deaths in hospitals
– Losing corporate funding

– State of Emergency declared
– Controlled by state- and corporate-sponsored militia
– Militia seizing corporate facilities
– Civilians mostly protected
– Have captured Blighted

Bay City:
– Almost entirely overrun
– Suffering due to under funding of Police
– State officials giving weapons to militia

It spreads through water! - Susquehannock Reporter E

The researchers at Allentown university have discovered that the virus spreads to water. This discovery was made possible by increased funding by Governor Verbeek. The population is advised to stay away from rivers and watermains and not to drink the tab water.

Susquehannock state police HQ overrun! - Susquehannock Reporter A

We got a report that the Susquehannock state police HQ is overrun by zombies. Obviously they are not able to communicate this themselves.

We want to add that although two of our Susquehannock offices were overrun, too, we are still reporting!

Pittsburgh evacuates! - Susquehannock Reporter A

The mayor of Pittsburgh has ordered the full evacuation of Pittsburgh due to the Z situation. He announced everyone should evacuate to the Air Force Base to the east of the city, because it is a more defensable location, were he “can stop the line of infestation”.

The police and the emergency services will help to make the evacuation proceed as smoothly as possible.

BREAKING: Locals fire on Federal building in Susquehannock - National Editor

It has come to our attention that local forces belonging to the Susquehannock state have opened fire on a federal building. Reports are sketchy at present but we hope to have more as soon as possible.

Is this a federal crime or the start of something far more sinister?


Correction – Yarbourgh Mayor fires Chief of Police - Susquehannock Reporter E

Yarbourghs chief of police was not reliefed from service as previousely reported due to his preformance, rather because he lies hospital due to injuries he suffered in the fight against the zombies, which rendered him unable to continue in his position as chief of police.

Breaking: Mass panic in Allentown - Susquehannock Reporter A

The city of Allentown, in Susquehannock, has been caught in a mass panic situation due to an unannounced artillery attack on the city. It is believed the attack was made to contain the Z spread.

The national guard are also helping to contain the spread and pushing back the horde.

Romero City beats back hordes while Spearing declares State of Emergency! - Mishigamaa Editor

Reports are coming in from multiple sources that despite initial problems with effective deployment of police, Romero City has now been cleared of the “Alternatively Animated” hordes.

The Police Chief has eased off double shifts, but is reported to be the subject of a federal investigation alleging that he ordered the shooting of civilians. City Hall stands behind its chief of police at this time. City Hall spokes person stated “People are innocent until proven guilty”.

On Sunday there will be a local “citizens of the future” event to look forward to an optimistic future.

Why has the state abandoned smaller cities in order to protect Romero? Is this the result of corporate meddling? LexCorp has recently moved HQ to Romero, and apparently other corporations are in similar talks.

BREAKING: City of Spearing is in process of declaring a state of emergency following advice from the National Guard. Several Zs have been captured and are available for research.

White House Begs for Help from Corporations - National Editor

The National Media has learned that the White House has begged for help from major corporations as the federal government appears unable to do anything to treat the infected (definitely not “zombies” according to repeated messages from the administration despite evidence to the contrary).


The full statement from the White House to the corporations is as follows:


Ladies and Gentlemen

By now you have no.doubt heard about the virus crisis facing the country.
As a representative of Homeland Security, FEMA and the CDC we are
requesting your help. You have access to advanced research facilities that
can assist us in isolating the cause for this epidemic, I am asking you to
share them with us, in return for whatever materials is we can supply and
any commercial uses that arise from this research.

Specifically one of our agents is holding two infected in Adirondack, we
need a facility to study them and develop treatments.

Your country needs you.
— US Department of Homeland Security
Security Crisis Team
Washington, DC

Bay City office of Badger News under Zombie Siege! - National Editor

National media has learned from our own correspondents that our colleagues in Bay City are under current attack from zombies. In this time of crisis, we strongly believe that it is important to keep the press safe so that necessary information can be distributed throughout the country and worldwide. We call upon both local and federal authorities to move immediately to save our friends and colleagues or spend the rest of their lives knowing that the blood is on their hands.

Breaking: Joint Chiefs spotted at local Golf Course - National Reporter A

This reporter was unable to talk with any Pentagon Official as he was told they were relaxing on the golf course.

With so many outbreaks reported and so many people being infected, is now a good time to be relaxing!!

We were told to talk to the White House for any news we needed to know.

White House Deploys to Adirondack - National Editor

We have received the following statement from the White House:



Dear all,

The White House has received a request for assistance from Governor Tim
Duerinck of Adirondack to deploy federal armed forces to assist state
National Guard. This request has been approved. The forces will be at the
Governor’s disposal.

We have seen reports in the press that we are considering the deployment
of armed drones. This is not true. We have deployed reconnaissance drones
to better understand the situation. We are not currently considering the
deployment of armed drones.

Defence Sec

Whitehouse Unsoc

Virus as cause for the outbreaks confirmed - Susquehannock Reporter E

Analyzis of the casualties of the outbreakes have resulted in the discovery of a virus which is presumed to be responsible. Further research has started in order to develope a cure. The mayor of Allentown calls the discovery, which was made at Allentown University “preliminary”. Harmen, the head of emergency services is also leading this research. Financial support from the governemnt would be appreciated in order to accelerate the discoverie of an antivirus.

Drones sighted over Susquehannock! - Susquehannock Reporter A

People are phoning in that they see military drones overflying their homes and their cities. What are they going to do? Are they going to fight the “Z” people? How are they going to discriminate between the Z-infected and the healty people?


The Governor of Adirondack has requested federal troops to aid his battle against the infected population, commonly referred to as “zombies”.

Troops will be deployed under a local commander… let’s hope this is not too late to help those still unaffected by the outbreak.

Press interview with the President - National Reporter A

In an exclusive interview with the President, she insisted that the widely reported outbreak of “zombies” should rather be regarded as an infectious disease, but confirmed that the cause has yet to be identified.

Trevor Cox


CONFIRMED: White House has Captured Infected - National Editor

National media have learned that the federal government has been able to capture two “infected” specimens (zombies?) in Adirondack, but does not have the facilities to study them or develop treatments.

Mayors leading from the front! - Susquehannock Reporter A

We got reports from several cities that the mayors are leading the police and emergency forces from the front, actually taking the streets and bashing the “Z” people. Cities include Allentown, Erie, Yarbrough and Scranton.

Will they be able the coordinate the current crisis when they are beset by zombies? Will they be able to direct their forces where they are the most needed?

No Confidence in ‘Honest’ Jim says White House - Iliniwek Sports

A source close to the White House expressed a chronic lack of confidence in ‘Governor’ Jim Gillie tonight due to his political posturing in the face of widespread panic. For more see our updated hatchet job blog on pages 3, 4, 5, 6 9, 20 and our pullout section

Pentagon authorises military action in Mishigamaa - Mishigamaa Editor

Reports are coming in from across the state of drones spotted flying across major cities in Mishigamaa.

Anonymous sources say that these are recon flights authorised by the Pentagon

Yarbourg Mayor fires Chief of Police - Susquehannock Reporter E

The chief of police Douwe Mulder has been replaced by his second in command due to a bad performance in the fight against the outbreak.

Ombie outbreak confirmed by government - Adirondack Editor

In reaction to the ban on “the Z-word” issued by the white house, the Badger News Adirondack office will as from now replace “the Z-word” by Ombie. As in their statement they speak of a “zombie outbreak” we consider this confirmed.


BREAKING NEWS- Necrotech confirms Zombies - Ouisconsin Reporter C

The leading scientists at Necrotech have identified the strain of virus causing the Infestation we now experience. They have confirmed that the virus is indeed resurrecting the dead. In oher news Max Brooks Zombie survival guide rockets in sales.

Joe Lunnon

Marquette – State of Emergency and updates - Mishigamaa Editor

Marquette – City Mayor and Chief of Emergency Services – “The government of the city of Marquette has announced today that we are taking all reasonable measures to counteract the Blight and lawlessness that has occurred in our city,
“We have the full support of the Chief of Police and Emergency Services to take these actions to improve the quality of life in the city.”
“The governor assisted me in hand-to-hand combat defending the injured in the Marquette city hospital. I successfully slaughtered a number of the ‘Alternatively Animated’ – a very successful afternoon.””Straight after, Governor Osa confirmed that she would be dropping out of the Presidential race, and support Mayor Gibson’s bid as Republican nominee”

However the Chief of Emergency Services reports of civilian casualties due to police prioritising the defence of the Mayor instead of protecting neighbourhood districts.

Head of Emergency Services flees Aurora as State of Emergency declared - Iliniwek Sports

The HoES of Aurora was seen fleeing the city at high speed moments before the mayor declared an official State of Emergency. The local Badger News office in Aurora reports that ‘zombie-like groups’ have started siegeing the building and that law and order has collapsed.

The news of the fleeing official came ironically at the same time the governors office released a statement urging people not to speed. Meanwhile the Halperin Chief of Emergency Services has stated that ‘This country has more guns than people. We’re not worried’ before shooting his pistols wildly into the air and dancing a jig.

Image result for texan simpsons



Ian Angus, the CEO of Nutrivend has delivered a statement regarding the current “Zombie Crisis.” He states:

“We have had a number of requests from state governors and mayors for a cure to the zombie outbreak.

Nutrivend is currently dedicating 100% of its resources to finding a cure for all of the states affected by this current crisis.

Our Drugs Save Lives. Nutrivend has noted that Romero City appear to be acting extremely aggressively against the afflicted. We have to remember that the afflicted are our friends and family. We must take a less aggressive approach and look to contain the afflicted and not simply try to kill them.

If there are any unfortunate casualties or victims that can be brought to our facilities please do so. We are doing everything in our power to search for a cure.

Nutrivend continues to serve the people of America.

Ian Angus
CEO, Nutrivend”

Badger News will be reporting on this as the situation develops



White House Considering Use of Drones in US Airspace - National Editor

Sources have informed national media that the White House is actively considering the use of military drones against the zombie outbreak in US airspace. This appears to suggest that the White House is willing to use military force against its own citizens.


BREAKING NEWS: Susquehannock declares state of emergency - Susquehannock Reporter A

The governor of Susquehannock has declared a state-wide state of emergency to cope with several outbreaks of the “Z” disease.

BREAKING: Things are “not looking good” in Mishigamaa - National Reporter A

The Pentagon has been reported saying that things are “not looking good” in Mishigamaa.  Crises notwithstanding, the White House are still going ahead with its annual 4th of July picnic celebrations on the Gardens.




A source from inside the Toledo Government has told Badger News that previous reports of ‘civil unrest’ are in fact zombie hordes. The Chief of Police, Daniel, is refusing to confirm this, and is continuing to lie to citizens.

There is now a struggle for power, with local man, Fergus, stating that he will stand for election for Chief of Police as a “capable and honest” candidate.

Susquehannock’s Governor: “our priority is healthcare” - Susquehannock Reporter C

Susquehannock’s governor has stated in a press interview that the focus in his presidential campaign will be an better healthcare. The governor criticized the current president’s healthcare system, and proposed to raise the taxes from “the rich” in order to meed the funding required. When asked about the zombie outbreaks, he proposed that it is something to be focused, but his cornerstone to solve this crisis is healthcare, not the military.

Deputy mayor “we are postponing the presidential’s campaign” - Susquehannock Reporter C

Deputy mayor has confirmed this morning that the mayor is interrupting his campaign so as to focus on the zombie outbreaks. These outbreaks have caused three people from east Yarbrough to be eaten alive already ths morning. This comes in time while he was also criticized for allegedly participating in a montage during an emergency services intervention in Yarbrough. The deputy mayor has not denied the validity of these claims, which raises the question his other picture in which appeared shooting zombies.

DHS: Please Wash Your Hands and Do Not Travel - National Reporter A

The DHS has informed national media that US citizens should wash their hands, use face masks if possible, brush their teeth, and all interstate travel should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.


We at the national media applaud the White House’s good hygiene and pearly white teeth.

The Dead Are Walking on Water - Northland Editor

Washing up on shore, the walking dead have emerged in Northland!

Policing measures - Susquehannock Reporter E

Poliece forces are increased all over the state. In an official statement the mayor of Erie ensures the population that he will increase police patrols in the city, even the mayor himself allegedly took arms, “gunning down the undead himself”. Simmilarly, Pitsburgh and Straton now have their policemen working in double shifts. Pitsburgh has increased the police budget by 5%

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the “Alternatively Animated” - Mishigamaa Editor

One of our reporters has had an exclusive interview with a spokesman from one of the horde, claiming that the “Alternatively Animated” are misunderstood and being persecuted by the state and profited off by the corporations.

Pittsburgh declares state of emergency! - Susquehannock Reporter A

The mayor of Pittsburgh has declared a state of emergency for his city to cope with the current crisis.

DHS Source: DHS Underfunded - National Reporter A

DHS sources have informed national media that DHS is underfunded in the face of the current crisis. While we understand that the President is considering options, it is unclear if the necessary actions will be taken.

State of Emergency - Wabash Editor

State of Emergencies declared in Gary, Fort Wayne and Boyle.

No movement from the Pentagon - National Editor

When asked what the Pentagon was doing in the face of the outbreaks, a spokesman said they were in a state of heightened readiness.

When this reporter suggested they had been in a state of readiness for the past week, a spokesman said that Federal resources could not be deployed to states without the proper request from the affected state.

More as we get it.

White house tries to stifle press freedom - Ahao Editor

FRESNADILLO, AHAO:- A representative of the white house administration visited the Badger News Ahao offices today and advised us as to what language we should use whilst reporting on the current disturbances across the state and nation. We at the BNC Ahao office would like to tell our readers that we are under our own editorial control and we regard this as an attack on our first amendment rights.

BREAKING: Ban on the ‘Z-word’ - National Editor

The White House has issued a directive to all media outlets warning them not to use ‘the Z-word’.  In the face of much uncertainty caused by the recent zombie outbreaks, this paper feels that the gag order issued by the White House is undue censorship of the free press.

Zombies crossing state border into Adironrack - Susquehannock Reporter A

Zombies are not respecting the state borders! We got reports about zombies crossing the border with Adironrack near the city of Scranton.

New Secretary of State Sworn In - National Reporter A

The national media is glad to hear that the White House has sworn in a new Secretary of State, Adam Sibson.

In the face of a developing crisis, it is hoped that Mr. Sibson will provide the necessary leadership with our friends in the North to handle the situation in a competent manner.



National Guard mobilised in Ahao - National Editor

Reports have come in that the National Guard has been mobilised in Ahao but without any accompanying announcements of a state of emergency.

Susquehannock state governor Bas Verbeek running for president - Susquehannock Reporter A

Susquehannock state governor Bas Verbeek

On the 154th anniversity of the battle of Gettysburg, state governor Bas Verbeek has officially announced his candidacy for his parties nomination for the presidency.

The Democrat is intending to challenge the sitting president under the motto of “Liberty for all and and all for liberty”.

The current president’s health care plans are the main impetus behind the governor’s decision. Verbeek intends to reform the health system because “Obamacare is a lie”.

Verbeek: “As governor of the state where the Declaration of Independence was signed, it is my reponsibility to uphold the spirit of that promise tot he people.”

Police fighting outbreaks all over the state – Allentown declares state of emergency - Susquehannock Reporter E

Police is fighting the outbreaks valiently. The two outbreaks in Pitsburgh are now under controll, out of the four outbreaks in Yarbourgh two are still going on, one of them seemingly escelating. Allentown reports two outbreaks, one of which is now under controll while the second one caused the mayor to declare a state of emergency. In a quick respons the national guard has already been deployed.


A spokesman for the White House said they were working with their local teams to determine the strongest Republican candidates.

So far 3 candidates have put their names forward, although no further details were available at the time of printing.

Those putting their names forward include the Governor of Ohio, The Mayor of Cincinatti and the Governor of Osa.

Details of the Democratic nominees have yet to be announced.



A Homeland Security representative informed national media that there is indeed a zombie outbreak in the Eastern US despite prior statements to the contrary from other parts of the government.

Homeland Security: Everything Under Control Despite No Prior Experience With Similar Situation - National Reporter A

Homeland Security has informed national media that everything is “under control” and that they are in the process of “determining the correct response” despite not having any prior experience dealing with such a crisis.


Yarbrough’s mayor criticized as using zombie outbreak to promote his campaign - Susquehannock Reporter C

Mayor of Yahbrough has been caught in a recent controversy, as he as caught posing for the camera during the emergency services interventions in the town. The Chief police was seen helping with a crowbar in one zombie outbreak. The mayor, however who wants to run for presidency, appeared on a picture with another crowbar helping opening doors, but sources indicate that the pictures was in fact a montage.  This puts into question the seriousness the mayor is considering the recent emergency situations, which the city is barely containing.

Official Statement from Homeland Security re Reports of Zombie Outbreaks - National Reporter A


Department of Homeland Security

The President and her team are aware of the developing situation involving
an infectious disease in multiple states across the north-east region.

We are in contact with state and city officials and relevant federal
agencies including the CDC. We have full faith in them but stand ready to
assist in any way we can. We are currently considering a range of steps
which can be taken.

We would urge all citizens to report any strange activity to the relevant
local authorities. We would also urge the press not to inflame panic by
indulging in idle speculation or sensationalist gossip. White House
officials are ready and able to brief the press where appropriate.

Sec. Homeland Security.

Governor Launches Bid - Wabash Editor

In a brief interview the Wabash Governor, Fraser Schwarzenegger, has launched his presidential bid for the upcoming election. Running on a “stable & strong” Republican platform, he is confident his experience from a 2003 tour in Iraq will showcase his leadership in the current Zombie emergency. The mayors of Richmond, Terre Haute, and Fort Wayne gave no comment when asked about the bid.

Sightings of “zombies” confirmed by mayor Binghampton and Homeland security - Adirondack Political News

The mayor of Binghampton and Homeland security have both confirmed to the Badger News that there have been sightings of the so-called “zombies” [sic] in the state.

The mayor of Binghampton went on to add that they will cooperate in full with New Amsterdam in fighting this disease.


“Zombie outbreak” reported in various states - National Editor

Citizens in various states have been advised to “stay home” after reports of zombies have been sighted.  States affected include Ouisconsin, Adirodack, Ahao, Mishigamaa and Powhatan.

Benjamin Gill, the Press Liaison officer for the Joint Chief of Staff, was quoted as saying, “I have every bit of confidence that the States are able to handle this on their own.”

The White House has yet to make an official press release.


Pittsburgh police going to double shift - Susquehannock Reporter A

The Pittsburgh police is doing double shifts in response to rumours that there are people that are biting other people in the streets. The mayor of Pittsburgh is supporting the move, but indicates that if they had had more funding, this might not have been necessary at this point.

White House caught flatfooted by reports of zombie outbreaks - National Reporter A

After being informed by the national media that reports were coming in from numerous local media sources of zombie outbreaks, the White House was unprepared to issue comment immediately. Hopefully they will soon be able to provide the country with national leadership.

Governor mobilising additional state troops – disease unknown - Adirondack Political News

Governor Deurinck is mobilising additional state troops to help fight the outbreak. No clear statement was received on nature of disease.

President unsure of who to support as successor – No Secretary of State despite Terrorist Threats - National Reporter A

In discussions with national media, the President stated that she was unsure who she would back as her successor in the next election, though she did state that she would of course be supporting a Republican candidate. Clearly bipartisanship is not a priority for this administration.

Interestingly, the position of Secretary of State is currently vacant and appears not to be a priority for this White House. Hopefully there will not be any international crises in the near future, despite the Joint Chiefs of Staff having been quoted regarding imminent terrorist threats.

Interstate Communications Breakdown - Parker Biro Wabash

A breakdown in interstate communications is currently disrupting Homeland Security correspondence with out of state colleagues.  Currently trying to rectify the situation. What does mean for federal support?

National Guard Mobilising - Ahao, Susannah

Reports have come in of a large scale movement of the National Guard towards to NG Headquarters outside Toledo. It is suspected that this is for a weekend of training, but this is unconfirmed.

The Commander of the National Guard has been spotted enroute to speak to to Governor.

Terrorist alert IMMINENT! - National Editor

Alex Beck, the vice-chair of the Joint Chief was quoted as saying, “America is on a high-threat level due to the chatter on the Internet regarding an imminent terrorist threat. Nothing has materialised as yet.”

Military liaison: “No zombies” - Susquehannock Reporter A

In a reaction to the reports about zombie sightings, military liaison Rombouts of Susquehannock state denies that this is possible: “The mere idea of zombies is laughable, there are no zombies whatsoever.”

“Zombies” sighted! - Susquehannock Reporter A

Reports are coming in from Allentown and Scranton about so-called “zombies” being sighted in the streets. In Allentown they can’t really believe that they are zombies, “they don’t exist, right?”

Scranton is mobilising its police because of similar sightings. Police chief Oderkerk says he is taking this threat seriously, but “it is not terrorism, we have everything under control”. The emergency services have confirmed what they call “zombie-like behaviour”, people are aggressive or catatonic, so they are thinking of drug abuse.

According to Erie’s emergency services, everything is quiet, but they are prepared.


BREAKING: State governor Tim Duerinck runs for president - Adirondack Editor

Breaking: Adirondack state governor Tim Duerinck from the Adirondack Democratic State Party runs for president!

The promotional flyer above has just been released. Duerinck’s campaigning motto is “Strenth through Unity”. After the recent typo discussions on the state’s new motto, we are glad to see that no spelling errors are present in this communication.

Furthermore, sources say that governor Duerinck has stated that he finds it quite symbolic that it is exactly the word “togheter” that has been misspelled. Is the state administration out of control? Is the governor still in control of the state’s business? To be continued…

Apple releases new Ibook - Susquehannock Reporter C

Apple has shown its new device, the Ibook, in their yearly conference at San Francisco. Graham Pilens, the CEO of Apple, has promised their new e-reader will be a revolution in current state-of-the-art electronics: “The power of Ibook’s cores will allow the fastest, most efficient of the market to function quietly, guaranteeing an outstanding performance; not only for your reading enjoyment, but also work on documents, presentations, and media.”

Apple aims this way to enter the Ibook market currently in control of Microsoft. The CEO hopes to raise the company’s importance and stock market prices- dropping lately due to the poor performance of the latest release of their smartphone.

154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg - Susquehannock Reporter

Gettysburg, Susquehannock – Reenactors and spectators alike are looking forward to the annual Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment this weekend, exactly 154 years after the original Battle of Gettysburg on July 1-3, 1863.

Reenactment of the battle (Gettysburg Anniversary Committee)

Thousands of Civil War reenactors will reenact several actions of this historic battle, starting with “The Ambush at Hunterstown” on Saturday, July 1st and finishing with a segment of “Pickett’s Charge” on Monday.


One of the biggest and most popular civil war events in the country, it is not just about the battles. There will be live mortar fire demonstrations and a living history area where visitors can experience life in a civil war military camp. Added to this are many demonstrations including civil war music, 1860’s ladies fashions and civil war medicine, and, for the first time, interactive activities for children.


Experience living history! Day tickets are available at the gate.

Susquehannock Annual Dairy Fair Opens - Susquehannock Reporter

Tonight marks the start of Erie’s main event for the year: the Susquehannock Annual Dairy Fair! Farmers have been drawing into the city with their stock from far and wide, hoping that this year, they will be among the hallowed few to gain the highest marks in their class and gain possession of the coveted Erie Dairy Awards. Word is out that this year’s prizes shall surpass everyone’s imagination with the John Stark Tractor Company putting up their new range of combine harvesters on the ‘prize table’. Watch out for our weekend special edition showing all the competitions, and prizes!