ZOMBIE BREAKOUT – Or is it all just youths?

Sources close to Paducah City Hall are confirming riots in their town. The news is coming in in dribs and drabs, but an unnamed source has made claims of a “zombie outbreak.” As riots grow in this small University City, questions must be asked of its leadership.

This is a personal story for us here at the Shawnee Social, as we hear our friend and freelance journalist John Kelloggs has been caught up in the attacks. This dedicated reporter has not been heard from since.

At time of press, City Hall is claiming that this riot was a protest. Our journalist, Alex Montrose has been informed that these riots were for reasons unknown

Rumours from within feel the police department is incompetent, claiming the police chief of staff hid from real action. Paducah Police Chief Mason tells us she was very busy manning the phones.

Is there anything these youths will not do? Can Police Chief Mason manage the Youth threat? And what does this mean for the Paducah Community Festival this Sunday?

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Hugo Lewkowicz and Alex Montrose