Shawnee – A State to be proud of

At such hard times, it’s often difficult to find any positivity. However, our humble state, where heroes like Shawn the Shawnee Shrub are born and raised, has once again made me proud to say I am a Shawneean

I started this day at a press conference where our own Governor Firefly braved Elizabethtown to announce their joint partnership and that with Louisville to minimalise casualties and support our emergency services. From their I followed her to Paducah, City of Angels, where she congratulated the Chief of Police, commending their integrity and grit in all that has happened. When pressed on what is next for our Chief of Police, she tells us she is “taking a well-earned rest.”

We hear reports that Louisville is researching a cure for the infection, with state and federal funding, and our hospitals are being extended to keep its citizens safe and healthy

All in all, Shawnee is blooming. Go Shrubs!