People of Shawnee: Shawn the Shawnee Shrub

Wiederhorn, Shawnee: We all know and love the charming mascot of the The Shawnee State Shrubs, who have been led into university footballing hall of fame by their controversial coach Bill Tucket. But who is the man behind the shrub? We went to find out.

When I first came in to Shawn’s flat I was taken aback by how humble his home was. Father of five and mother of three, Shawn’s cosy flat is home to 9 potted plants in total. Amongst the clutter you’ll find college applications for the elder oaks, and hand paintings from the little ones’ nursery.

“So tell me Shawn, what first drew you in to mascot work?”

“Go shrubs!” Shawn warmly chants, offering me a mug of tea.

“Fascinating. And do you find your children inspire you in your work?”

A tear wells in the area where Shawn’s eyes should be. “Go Shrubs” he quietly chokes.

“Finally, do you have any words of encouragement for you aspiring mascots?”

“Go Shrubs!”

As I leave Shawn, I can’t help but reflect on what an inspirational figure he is to the community. I look forward to watching this career rise.

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Hugo Lewkowicz