Louisville and Elizabethtown State of Emergency

The National Guard have surveyed the city of Elizabethtown and have advised that, due to the close proximity of the “youths” and adverse conditions in the city, they would be able and willing to help further if they declared a state of emergency. This is not surprising as sources close to the Chief of Police express concerns in their competency, as they yo-yo the police force to and from Paducah.

Meanwhile, Louisville have declared an official state of emergency. Mayor Mayoh tells us they are arming and deploying the National Guard, but they are having difficulty triaging the wounded, and tell us that any increase could be a serious problem indeed

Governor Firefly is happy that the National Guard are properly funded, and the National Guard in turn are pleased with the increase of resources coming their way, despite stating “we are desparately in need of more helicopters.”

We Shawneans need to stand together in this adversity. We support our fellow citizens against youths. Governor Firefly will see us safe