Breaking News: Youth in Revolt

Citizens of Wiederhorn have been left baffled and confused with the recent absence of their Mayor Ibbotson and Deputy Chief-of-Staff Cutts. Both senior and well respected members of the establishment, liked and loved by all, have not been heard from since two days ago. Talking to the remaining staff at the Wiederhorn City Hall it seems they are busy out of town. Deputy Mayor Moutsinas, acting as a spokesperson from the Wiederhorn Mayor’s office has told the Shawnee Social “they are at some kind of conference”. When pushed, we were told they were at an emergency briefing in Ouisconsin, although as of yet we have not been able to verify this story

People on the ground have been telling a different story. Rumours of bands of youths wearing low hanging jeans, playing popular music and speaking in slang have reached our office, an understandable cause for concern. Is the disappearance of our beloved mayor and these youths just a coincidence, or is this the start of a urban nightmare.

The Governer Firefly tells us the Wiederhorn are “not very forthcoming with information… I have nothing to say about that. That’s their problem.” Can the Wiederhorn Office run as an efficient and effective department without their Ibbotson and Cutts? Only time will tell.

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