Green Bay Quarterback reassures Ouisconsin

A.A Ron

Excited Green Bay Fans

Six times Pro-bowl quarterback A.A. Ron today reassured fans that the ongoing undead apocalypse won’t affect the teams performance.  “I mean sure the crowd is a bit more bitey than usual” he told Badger news earlier today, “but we’ve always had (re)animated fans and I know that the guys will rally round and keep playing no matter what”.

Director of stadium security at Lambeau Field Brian Favre also wished to reassure Ouisconsin  football lovers.  “While a higher than average number of stadium goers were eaten during the first game of the season, we have moved quickly to address the situation” he stated at a press conference last night.  “Since we began stocking fresh brains at all concession stands things have improved significantly.  We are also looking at suspending the season ticket of any customer caught devouring a Packers supporter”.