During the day our reporters at Badger News have been working tirelessly to bring you the news and updates as they have been happening.

Although we have been under the cosh with constant information coming in and the pull of different political powers to get they’re message out we have also been investigating the situation in order to try and report the truth and any other questions of authority involvement.

We have been quite open in our support for the political leaders as they struggle to get a grip of they’re individual cities, the Police and the Emergency Services have our highest praise for limiting the body count within our great State.

But one thing just doesnt taste right….

The Mayor of Racine has been the star of the show today remaining calm under the pressure, maybe too calm? the emergency Racine faced was very different from the emergency every other city faced and as the other cities burned to the ground the Mayor of Racine began his plot to overthrow the Mayor of Kenosha. Plot maybe a bit strong? lets face it, Kenosha was handed to him. it seems the outbreak has benefited some people?

As others crumble Racine are throwing parties and celebrations.

Maybe they were never in danger?

CEO of the Necrotech made a public statement celebrating the collaboration of the Mayor and Racine city.

Would it not be in Necrotechs interest to protect Racine, especially as Racine is the location and home of theyre forefront research facility.

We have also heard from good sources Necrotech senior officials being evacuated from neighboring cities well before the outbreak had even taken hold, before there was ever a sniff of a problem.

Was this whole thing, this disaster a test? a power grab?

Who is the most likely to run this state beyond this disaster than the unflappable James Wiggins?

All we know as of now is that Necrotech and Racine have a lot of questions to answer.