Northland researchers call for international collaboration

Police guard the VAC crisis conference at McGill University.

Speaking at an emergency symposium on the Zombie crisis at McGill University today, the Director of the Northland Public Health Agency called for “unprecedented international collaboration to end the scourge of Vicious Animated Corpses.”

“To develop an effective VACcine, we will need researchers, the private sector, and all levels of government to come together,” added Dr. Reanne A. Mayted. “We at the NPHA stand ready to provide such assistance. Even as we speak, our teams—together with our provincial counterparts—are deploying to the most severely affected areas of southern Ontario. Our scientists will study the VACs, while our mobile lab team will assist hospital pathologists in isolating any pathogen that might be responsible.”

Federal and provincial officials report that they are reaching out to counterparts South of the Border, and stand ready to provide samples and other material necessary to develop effective countermeasures.