Northland Post issues commemorative stamps

The new commemorative stamps from Northland Post, marking 150 years of Confederation.

To mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, Northland Post has issued a set of commemorative stamps.


Unveiling the new stamps, Deputy Prime Minister Aaron Brennan stressed the importance of this year’s Northland Day celebrations on July 1. “One hundred and fifty years ago, our forbears came together in Charlottetown to eat lobster and build a new country. At the time, they faced enormous challenges in bring together so many different peoples from coast to coast to coast. Today we are a people bound together in our common love of tolerance and diversity, our shared disdain for Toronto, and our collective inability to afford real estate in Vancouver.”


In what may or may not have been an oblique reference to the recent epidemic of undead-related mayhem South of the Border, Brennan added “We may all soon die as endless hordes of bloodthirsty lifeless fiends spill across our borders, devour our children and small pets, and litter our pristine streets with mangled body parts torn from the very bodies of the living—but, my fellow Northlanders, we will do so together, and do so with some very nice commemorative stamps as well.”