NBC announces new season of “Dick Danger: Apocalypse Survival”

Dick Danger sees some of the local historical sites during a visit to Sarnia, Ontario.

Popular reality television star Dick Danger will be back for another season on the Northland Broadcasting Corporation prime-time schedule, according to Emmy Nant-Menasse, Director of Strangely Relevant Programming at NBC.

“Dick Danger’s surviving fans have let us know that they want him back, regardless of whatever charges he faces in Costa Rica,” said Nant-Menasse. “Whether it’s wielding a blood-stained machete against ninja thugs in a dark ally, impaling an alien predator on a sharpened traffic cone, extracting drinking water from a dead racoon, or just being a Dick, no one else does it like Danger.”

Dick hot-wires a car during a recent episode of his hit TV series.

In a statement put out by his publicist, the star welcomed the NBC announcement. “Danger is my middle (and last) name, and so I’m very excited to be appearing in Northland for another season. My viewers are lucky to have me!”

A feature-length autobiographical movie, “Danger: Awesomeness Revealed” is scheduled for release later this year.

Security camera footage of a traffic accident involving Danger and intoxicated members of a heavily-armed mariachi band. Courtesy: Daily Mail.