Statewide Unrest across Mishigamaa

City officials from Romero City, Marquette and Grand Rapids have all issued statements to the press regarding violent incidents spreading across both cities.

Reports are coming in of riots – violent injuries and firestarting – which the emergency services are barely able to contain due to critical underfunding on a state level, and rumoured City Hall embezzlement in Romero City itself (according to an anonymous source in State Government).

All cities report that the emergency services have finally been able to contain the violence, but not before the mayor’s own house in Marquette was burned down, with only a lone Democrat rosette found at the scene of the crime.

The more excitable reports from the ground keep referring to “zombie outbreaks”, but at this point we have no further evidence as to the cause of the unrest, other than the Deputy Mayor of Grand Rapids refusing to deny the existence of zombies.