Mishigamaa the State of Science or impending doom?

Mishigamaa has recently seen a large investment by several Corporations including a new Hospital and Laboratory in Marquette by the Nutrivend Corporation. This significant investment in the area has been hailed as a triumph by the local mayor and the state governor who is currently electioneering for the Republicans for the upcoming election and will obviously feel that this will be a boost for her campaign. Some sources have suggested that some public money or other concessions have been made to encourage such a large investment in the area however this has been denied by officials. Meanwhile LEXCORP are currently developing several exciting new chemical and biological technologies. LEXCORP have stated that it develops “Weapons for Protection not offence”. Officials from the Corporation state that low cost but high quality medicines will be flooding the market as part of a strategy to undercut competition.

With all this recent investment in the state and specially in the Marquette area questions must be asked as to the motives behind this investment. At the end of the day Corporations are not charities and the bottom line is always the end goal. One wonders whether the strange incidents that have been occurring across the state can be linked to this influx of Corporate investment. As ever we will be keeping an eye and ear on events and will keep our readership informed.

Tom Landels

Political and Military Correspondant