No progress towards a cure in Ahao

Rumors are rife in Toledo that Dayton have developed a cure and are not sharing it. Dayton strongly deny this, they are doing everything they can to assist in research towards a cure, however research is ongoing and the mayor guaranteed that any cure would be shared state-wide and wanted to re-iterate as the only city not yet to declare a state of emergency, that they are the safest place in the state, especially considering they have introduced an additive to the water to combat the disease.

The chief of emergency services of Fresnadillo stated that “There is no progress as the university is full of thick people”

Cleveland stated that there is “good evidence” that the Cleveland Creme Donut makes a difference in prevention, meanwhile Cincinatti have passed on all information regarding the disease.

The statement from Homeland Security was less hopeful for the great state of Ahao, as they stated all cure research was being done by Corporations, of which, Ahao have none.