For The Whole Of America… except Cincinnatti?

Do Governor Hollman’s actions during the crisis indicate a lack of concern for Ahao’s second city?

By hesitating to act decisively in declaring a state-wide State of Emergency, has Governor Hollman endangered the lives of citizens? Or worse?

A senior source within Cincinnatti PD believes that the lack of state and national resources deployed in the city is part of a deliberate plan involving the Governor to harm Mayor Raymond, Hollman’s main political opponent in Ahao.

As I write this, news reaches me that the governor’s office is instructing citizens to drink only bottled water supplied by the National Guard. Does this, perhaps, form part of a sinister plot to influence the citizens of this fine state – this fine country – by nefarious means?  Couple this with the seizing of ammunition and erosion of Second Amendment rights and the picture of opportunism and power grabs by the elected officials in whom we have placed our trust becomes extremely compelling.