Chad Spohn Goes On Bender After Pet Pig Eats His Marijuana

WASHINGTON COUNTY, AHAO:- So much for living high on the hog.

An Ahao man allegedly went on a bender after his pet pig ate his stash of pot.

On Thursday, deputies in Washington County, Ahao arrested Chad Spohn, 44, on disorderly conduct charges that started after he discovered Millie, his beloved pet, had gobbled up his marijuana.

Deputies arrived at Spohn’s house after he called 911 several times and said he was having suicidal thoughts. During one call, he said he was holding a butcher’s knife to his own throat, according to the police report.

Spohn’s wife, Heather, told officers that her husband was already depressed because of their pending divorce before discovering the pig got into his cannabis.. She said he then downed an entire bottle of Everclear , a strong alcohol.

HIs wife told officers that Spohn gets very upset when he does not have any mariuana.

In order to arrest him, officers subdued Spohn with a Taser. He was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors, and later released.

Spohn is out of custody, but Millie may not be in his life much longer, according to a Facebook post dated Jun. 27, two days before his arrest.

“Anyone want a pig? She is free and comes with food and cage,” he wrote. “She is house broken as long as you show her where to go. If you have a dog, she will follow it. I just dont have time for her anymore.”