Ahao Smackdown in Battle for Republican Primary

CINCINATTI and FRESNADILLO, AHAO: The Governor of Ahao has announced he intends to run in the Republican Primary. This comes hot on the heels of the Mayor of Cincinatti has announcing his own candidacy.

The Mayor of Cincinatti, Kyle Raymond, is running on a platform of “From America, For America”, advising, controversially, that he wants to raise the minimum wage in line with inflation as well as provide tax incentives to keep manufacturing at home in America.

The Governer, Mickey Holman, has held a rally announcing his candidacy with backing from the Mayors of Toledo and Cleveland. He frames himself as a family man born and raised in Ahao with many years of fighting for the people of our great state.

Finally, Dale Lythgoe Chief of Emergency services in Toledo has also announced that he will run in the race.