State of Adirondack announces new logo and motto (including typo)

“We build our future togheter” says the state of Adirondack’s new motto. One would say that a state administration could at least afford a decent spelling check.

The banner with this new motto has been spread on behalf of Gov. Tim Duerinck and shows a soft pink-and-purple background with the new logo as well.  Particularly remarkable is the style difference between the old-fashioned text in the logo, “Adirondack – Liberty and Prosperity” and the motto, flashy in stylish white with a very modern writing error in this fast-paced society.

Furthermore, the logo shows a ribbon in blue and red with a bird spreading its wings.

There has been no further comment from the State so far on this sudden change of logo and motto. What is up here?

Update 11h54: The state’s press officer has stated that the above mentioned spelling error is indeed a mistake but there has been decided not to correct it as a sign of openness to imperfection: “Nobody is perfect” are his words.

Moreover, strange things have been seen around the State administration’s building: people seemingly running around mindless like a headless chicken. Might they have something to do with this utterly stupid mistake?