Governor statement on “zombie outbreak”

Governor Tim Duerinck, running for president in the 2017 campaign, has released the following statement, confirming the spread of a zombie-like disease.

“Fellow citizens,
Reality challenges us on a daily basis but rarely at this scale. We are facing truly historical
circumstances. An outbreak of an unknown infestation is reported in many different states.
Team of our most senior and qualified scientists are trying to find the sources and a cure but
this Zombie-like infestation will require immediate action by each one of us. We need to
come together in unity to move forward.
As a Governor, it is my duty and honor to serve you in this difficult time but we will prevail. I
understand and share your fears and sorrow as a husband, father and brother. Let us
remember our forefathers and bring them honor.
In unity we will find the strength!
Gov. Tim Duerinck”