Communication from Albany mayor to all

Badger News has received the following communication from the mayor of Albany:

PSA: Emergency Council meeting organisation

This is a notice intended for all political bodies in the state of

The Governor has requested an emergency council to organise the
counter-Ombie efforts in the state. Due to continued concerns about the
health (and a possible infection) of the Governor, the Mayor of Albany is
organising an emergency council meeting by telephone. All invited parties
will receive the necessary information to join the council meeting.

The Mayor of Albany continues to care for everyone’s safety and health, and
by preventing travel and possible exposure to infection, state governing
bodies can continue functioning effectively.

We do not know if there are clear indications of the Governor’s infection or not, but it is strange in such a time of crisis to request all mayor political players to be present in person in a city overrun by Ombies.